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  1. I love this COAT!

  2. awesome legins!!

  3. OMG you are such a beauty :O your hair and your face you are truly PERFECT!!! I LOVE ALL YOUR PICTURES
    your blog is fantastic.

  4. Dear Ekaterina,
    I came across your site and I really liked it: it has energy, personality and it's playful too. It really kept me interested.
    The reason I am contacting you is not only for the review but to tell you that you seem to be the right person for the project I am working on right now: fashion enthusiast, chatty and with a sense of style.
    We are looking for women who live in top destination cities (or close) in Europe or USA who could become shopping tour guides (a Shopine): you would take tourists (only women) to the best boutiques, shops, tell them a story about the city, about the fashion industry,trends, trademark/local products etc. is a girls-only market place for guided shopping tours, empowering women to develop a side, an occasional occupation and source of income, developing friendships while sharing their knowledge of local trends, fashion and shopping.
    Chatty, fun and multi-lingual, our Shopines will guarantee a great shopping experience throughout their tours.
    Get to meet like-minded people and fill that piggy-bank while doing what you love: shopping.
    Does this sound interesting to you? Do you have friends (women) who might be interested?
    Then please send me an e-mail at:

  5. hey girl :)

    come and see my blogpost about she inside and pls pls click on there website link - that would help me a lot :) thank you so much :))

  6. I admire you. Seriously. And your hair very great. Your coat so nice.

  7. gorgeous jacket its stunning the colour is awesome

    Hayley xx